Wfmwbanner I’ve always enjoyed Works-For-Me Wednesday at Rocks in My Dryer. It’s such a simple idea that works beautifully. I’ve found some fantastic ideas there. And now I’m excited to have a blog and be able to play along.

Last year my husband and I discovered a nifty little website called Andrea Mosaic. It provides free software that you can download to create your own photo mosaic. You know photo mosaics: the cool pictures that are made up of thousands of teeny tiny photos.

Once you’ve downloaded the software it’s fairly easy to use your own digital photos to create an amazing mosaic. We used it to make my Mom a birthday present (a picture of me and the boys at the beach made up of 500 tiny photos taken from beach trips). And we used it to make our Christmas cards this year (a mosaic made up of 1000 photos of our friends and family that combined to make a picture of our church).

The finished products look great, are fairly easy to do and the price is right. If you know how to manipulate digital photos on the computer and do some very simple Photoshop (cropping mainly) you can do this. Once you make the mosaic you can have it printed wherever you like (we used Snapfish and it worked well) for a minimal cost and then use an inexpensive frame to finish it.

There you have it; a personal, inexpensive very cool gift that works for me. This would be perfect for Valentine’s Day or any other special occasion.

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