Happy New Year!

dscn0037dscn0047Our annual tradition for the past 16 years has been a New Year Day walk with friends. This was the 14th walk (we had to cancel twice for bad weather). People have come and gone over the years, although the one family we began with all those years ago has been there with us every year. Back in 2002 when we began they had two kids and we had none. Now they have seven with the oldest in college and we have a teenager.

When we began the tradition we though of it as being a way to start the New Year off on the right foot (pun intended). I think we were thinking about the physical activity and exercise and the idea of how many resolutions revolve around being active. Over the years it’s evolved, like our families and lives. The walk is shorter to accomodate little kids and strollers. We usually do lunch afterward. This year it was before due to church in the morning. I still think it’s a fabulous way to begin a New Year but I think that what has really been the important part is the friends and fellowship. The walking is secondary.

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