What We are Reading

I posted yesterday about the books I’ve read so far this fall but I wanted to also share what the kids and I are reading together (and independently) in school.

John (8th grade) and I just finished reading Lord of the Flies. It was my first time through this classic and although I hesitate to say I enjoyed it, I would say that I found it powerful and thought-provoking. I assigned it at the recommendation of his Civics textbook and because I thought it would be a contrast to the other things we had read so far this year. Up next for him (and me) will be Laurie Halse Anderson’s Chains.

David (5th grade) is reading The Mysterious Benedict Society. He is naturally a slower reader than his brother and also enjoys other things more than reading. He likes to read but he also likes to do a lot of other things. He is doing a Boys’ Book Club this year in our co-op and I think it’s been good for him. The teacher picks good books that hold the interest of the boys in that age group and she engages them in discussion and teaches them some literary analysis. But more importantly, having a class has given him the desire to follow-through with finishing books. He used to start a lot of books but not always finish as he would get frustrated that it was taking him longer than it would take his brother. (I don’t compare them but if you have more than one kid you know they do plenty of comparing regardless of how much you tell them not to.)

Ruth (2nd grade) just finished speeding through the Clementine series and loved them. She is now reading My America: Our Strange New Lane: Elizabeth’s Jamestown Colony Diary by Patrician Hermes. She is convinced that she hates history so I assigned this one to her hoping that she would realize that history is really just story. Also, we are taking a trip soon to Jamestown so I thought this would help make it more real to her.

We are all reading Prince Caspian together at night. Ruth has very little memory of the Narnia books although she has heard them and seen the movies. It felt like time for her to hear them again. We are also reading Pocahontas by Joseph Bruhac at lunch as part of our American history studies and in preparation for that Jamestown trip. Finally, we are loving listening to The Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place: The Mysterious Howling in the car together.

How about you and your kids? What are you reading?

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