Stretching the Limits of Credulity

Sometimes I find when I watch a movie or read a book that there is one small annoying detail that bugs me and leaves me feeling like the whole story is implausible. The weird thing is that often those small details aren’t really that important or pale in comparison to much larger plot holes that I’m happy to overlook.

This weekend David, Ruth and I watched Cheaper by the Dozen (the Steve Martin version) while H. and John were on a men’s road trip to NYC with guys from our church. I had no problems with all of the crazy things that happened in the movie. Kids running amuck with barely an injury…sure! Coach Dad having football team practice in his backyard…no problem! Family of 14 with a salary large enough to live in a mansion in the Chicago suburbs…okey dokey! The sappy sweet ending…awwww!

But the one detail that got me was Bonnie Hunt’s character’s outfit on the day that they move into their new house. She’s supposed to be a Mom of twelve and what does she wear on moving day?

A pretty pink floral skirt, matching pink cardigan and heels.

No. Never. Nope.


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