What I did on my summer vacation

Well, that three months just flew by, didn’t it? How has your summer been? We’ve been good. Busy but good. I didn’t really intend to take a three month break from blogging but it sort of just happened. I’ve had a few posts rattling around in my brain all summer but haven’t gotten around to writing. Part of it has been that I’ve been too busy but more than that I’ve had what has become my semi-annual semi-philosphical crisis about why I blog (or don’t blog as the case my be).

When I started this blog the idea was to have a place where I could write and that could be a journal of sorts about our family life. Along the way I’ve dabbled in book reviews and wanting to be more of a book blog or a homeschool how-to blog. I’ve felt like maybe I should somehow DO something more with the blog. I kind of missed the big surge of amateur bloggers who formed a community. Now it seems everyone either has a polished website that is promoting their personal brand and the community is elsewhere (Instagram, Facebook, etc).  I’ve realized that I don’t post consistently enough or enough about one topic to really be successful as a blogger. So, I come back to the why. I think it goes back to my original purpose: a place to write and a place to record some of our family life. And that’s probably enough of a reason.

So, quickly to bring the blog up to date, this is what we’ve done with our summer vacation.

Version 2

Ok, so maybe there was a little bit more than just swimming but that was certainly the main all consuming activity. John broke our pool’s team record for butterfly for his age group, which was his summer goal and was very exciting in our little corner of the world. Ruth joined the dive team and proceeded to immediately learn a flip and do a back dive off the high dive. At one swim meet David easily broke the record for the most temporary tattoos one person could put on his body. We also did some other things. Reading (not enough for me). Board games and card games. A tiny bit of Math. A lot of movies about Paris in preparation for a fall trip. A lot of ice cream. John took a Lifesaving course for Scouts. Both boys are finishing up a week of sleep-away camp tomorrow. So a good summer. I’ve spent the last few days getting ready for the school year which starts for us in about a week. Lots to look forward to there. It’s been good to have a break and it’s good to get back into the routine. That goes for school and for blogging as well.

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