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For Christmas and birthdays for the past few years we’ve been giving experiences as the main gifts for the kids. They have a lot of stuff and they get a lot more stuff from generous family members. Past gifts have included trapeze lessons, a special reptile house tour at the National Zoo, a day at a ropes course that they love, theater tickets, a weekend away snow tubing as a family and even a night at Medieval Times. I hope that the experiences end up being things that remember as they grow up.

This year for Christmas we gave them tickets to see Matilda at the Kennedy Center. I had heard amazing things about this musical and they were all true. It’s fantastic. We read the book together in December as a nighttime read aloud and all three had found it very funny. Knowing the story made it that much more enjoyable of an experience. If you have a chance to see it near you, I would highly recommend it, with or without kids of your own.

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