A Walk a Day



About a month ago I read an article in the Washington Post magazine about people who do “a thing a day”. The interesting thing about the article was how the discipline of doing something every day had impacted the people even more than the thing they chose to do. It made me wonder what I might want to commit to doing ever day for a year. The thing that first sprang to mind was to take a walk outdoors.

I should say this isn’t really all that much of a stretch for me. Someone has to walk every day since we have a dog. Almost always I take some kind of walk. I have a Fitbit and have a goal of  walking 10,000 steps a day. (Currently I’m on a 17 day streak!). But there are definitely days and seasons when I see it more of a chore than something to enjoy. So I decided to walk outdoors daily and take one photo a day of my walk. The photo is more of a stretch since I’m not really the photographer of the family.To keep a log of my photos from my daily walks I started an Instagram account. You can keep me virtual company there at supratentorialblog.

We started off the year with our annual New Year’s Day Walk. This was our 13th walk. We had 33 people (21 of which were kids) and one dog. We walked about 2.5 miles with a longer option for those who wanted. Afterwards we enjoyed soups and bread and fellowship. It’s been a great start to the New Year for the past 15 years (there were two years we didn’t walk due to weather). Apparently, the National Park Service and many State Parks now host First Day hikes. We’d like to just state that it was our idea first but we’re glad to hear others are copying us.





Today we headed to Huntley Meadows, one of our favorite outdoor places. Winter is actually one of my favorite times there. I love the browns of the landscape with just the occasional intense burst of colors. We saw lots of geese and ducks. And one unidentifiable underwater creature. Guesses were a large snapping turtle, an eel or a frog.

How about you? Any New Year resolutions or goals for 2016?


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