Winter (?) Adventures

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On an unseasonably beautiful day (so warm we ate a quick Indian meal outside) we headed downtown after church for a couple of exhibits. The first was Power and Pathos: Bronze Sculptures of the Hellenistic World at the National Gallery of Art. Photography wasn’t allowed in the exhibit so I can’t share but the sculptures were really beautiful. It was  a little too crowded (a negative effect of the gorgeous weather) for me to enjoy it fully. The beauty of the works to me was in how real the people they portrayed seemed. I kept reminding myself that I was gazing at a likeness of a person from more than 2000 years ago. Mind-boggling.

The second exhibit was also beautiful and sometimes mind-boggling. It’s one of our favorites every year, the Windland Smith Rice Wildlife Photography Awards at the Natural History Museum. This year is bigger than usual as it celebrates 20 years of the awards and so included past winners as well as the ones from this year. It’s a great exhibit and will be at the museum until August 2016 so you still have plenty of time to catch it.

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