This and That

IMG_3678Well, hello there. It’s been over a month since I’ve posted. Or since I’ve posted in reality (or is that posted in virtual reality). Whatever. I’ve had lots of posts in my mind that I’ve thought out but somehow I haven’t managed to get to the computer to type them out.

I decided to take a page from my friend Amy’s book and write a This and That post (she calls it Odds and Ends which is a better title but I don’t want to totally plagiarize from her). Hopefully that will get me back in the blogging saddle, so to speak.

So what have I  been doing other than blogging? Mostly swimming. Or to be more precise, mostly driving my kids to and from swim team practices and meets and social events. I took on a very big volunteer role this year with our summer team and it’s been a lot of fun but also a lot of work. As you can see from the photo, David’s ability to swim competitively might have been curtailed by his broken arm early in the summer but his ability to dress up in crazy costumes is completely intact. (It was Hawaiian theme day.)

The broken arm has also defined our summer in many ways. David did finally get aIMG_2067 waterproof cast after about three weeks in a
bulky very un-waterproof splint. The waterproof cast meant he could swim which was a big help to enjoying the summer as a family. However, he can’t dive which meant to competitive meets. That’s been a disappointment to him but he continues to adjust. The cast is now off but he has another three weeks of being super careful (no roller blading, biking, skateboarding, or other activities that might cause him to fall). And still no diving.

Meanwhile, the DC suburbs have morphed into the rainforest as we experienced the rainiest June in 43 years. Every swim meet we had involved rain of some kind, many with delays for thunder and lightening.

I had big plans for some IMG_0002gardening this summer but it seems it’s been either raining, about to rain or too hot to get much done. We’ve actually lost several plants to root rot from too much water. The sky might look pretty in that photo, but we haven’t seen many days like that.


I had a lot of other big plans for projects this summer. Organizing our storage area, especially the homeschool stuff. Working through AOPS Algebra. Listening to lots of the lectures from the WTM Conference. Walking 10,000 steps a day. Reading a lot. Blogging more often. A lot of it hasn’t gotten done (other than the reading, that always happens). That is partially due to swimming but if I am going to be honest with myself, it’s just as much due to my predilection for wasting time.  I still hope to get to some of those things in August and what’s left of July.

I have done some other things non-swim related. I’ve read some great books, some that I hope to blog about later this week. H. and I went with some good friends to hear The Punch Brothers at Wolftrap this past week. It was a virtually perfect concert. Fantastic music but also great seats and a lovely summer evening with cool breezes. (The weather did finally clear up for us that night).
DSCN9400aAll in all, a good summer so far, even if I haven’t completed my to-do list. Or even really scratched the surface of it. It’s good to be back here and I hope to be writing more regularly.


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