Armchair Cybils: Shortlist Thoughts

The Cybils Shortlists have been posted! Kid-lit enthusiasts everywhere are excitedly perusing the lists and putting books on hold at their local libraries.

I don’t actually have very much to say about the finalists because I’ve read so few of them. In past years, this has led me to feel vaguely depressed as if I’m out of the loop of great children’s literature. This year, I choose to see it as a good thing. Kid Lit is at a fantastic place in history. There are just so many wonderful books being published for kids across all age groups and genres. I may not have read the books on the list this year but I have read a lot of great children’s books this year. I think that speaks to the overall abundance of good books we have to choose from as parents and educators. And that can’t help but make me feel all warm and fuzzy.

I plan on trying to read all the Fiction Picture Books and Nonfiction Elementary and Middle Grade Books before the winners are announced in February. Unusually, John has not read any of the Elementary and Middle Grade Speculative Fiction. I’ll be putting at least a few of those on hold for him as it’s his favorite genre.

I asked my kids yesterday what their New Year Resolutions were. John’s was to “read more”. At first I laughed at him as this isn’t a particularly hard thing for him. Then I admitted it was my resolution also. So here’s to the beginning of a great year of reading!

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