December Reading

Fiction Read in December 

Stone Mattress by Margaret Atwood
More short stories. I think I’m slowly becoming converted to a fan of the genre. Or maybe it’s that short stories work well for my current attention span. These are typically Atwood: deliciously dark and creepy in places and all with beautiful prose and characters that are impossible to forget.

Speaking from Among the Bones by Alan Bradley
Another installment in the Flavia deLuce mystery series. Looking forward to the next one.

Non-Fiction Read in December 

Doctored by Sandeep Jauhar

A Spy Among Friends by Ben MacIntyre
I have a deep fascination with spies and I think I would read a grocery list written by Ben MacIntyre. In this new book, MacIntyre looks at the deception of Kim Philby. He chooses to focus on Philby’s betrayal from the perspective of several of Philby’s closest friends (including James Jesus Angleton, one of the founders of the CIA) who Philby systematically betrayed over decades. I knew only a tiny bit before about Philby before reading this book and came away completely and utterly intrigued.

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