Deck the Halls


We typically make an ornament every year. Usually we give one to each relative as a present from the kids. Some of our ornaments turn out better than others, but it’s really more about teaching the kids to give. I thought this year’s project turned out particularly well.  I’m not especially crafty so I’m always excited to find fairly easy projects that end up looking halfway decent. I got this idea from this multiple sites on the Internet, but I ended up mostly using the instructions given at this Instructable.

It’s fairly easy. You remove the paper from old crayons and break them up into small pieces. You place some pieces into a glass (NOT clear plastic) ornament and then use a hair dryer to melt the crayon pieces. As they melt you swirl the ornament creating patterns on the inside of the glass.

We ended up breaking our crayons into much smaller pieces than what is shown at the linked site. The bigger pieces just took way too long to melt. Interestingly, the more high quality crayons like Crayola melted much better. We had a few cheap ones in the mix that just would not melt. The only downside to this project was that it’s tricky to hold the glass ornament while heating it as it gets very hot. The kids really weren’t able to do that part and I wished I had come up with some kind of better handle so that they could have helped with the holding. They had fun though creating various color combinations of crayon pieces.

Of course, they each got to make an ornament for themselves.


Ruth’s pink and purple creation


David created the color combination for this one, naming it “Disco Party” ball.

IMG_0676John’s “Camouflaged” ornament.


One thought on “Deck the Halls

  1. We did this at church for a fundraiser a few years ago. It’s neat!

    I never got around to making ornaments with my kids this year. Well, I guess Christmas isn’t over yet. . . 😊

    I hope yours is especially merry!

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