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We’re back in the full swing of school and activities and I find myself with tons of ideas of things to write about but not much time to sit down and do it. My friend Amy at Hope is the Word does an end of the week post called Odds and Ends that is part homeschooling weekly wrap-up and part a lovely mish-mash of things going on in her life. So I thought I’d try something similar.


* School is going well. John is more and more independent with his work. He is using AoPS Pre-Algebra this year for math and loving it. For some odd reason he likes to his math in the bathtub (without water). He’s good about getting it done, so I’m ok with the unorthodox location. AoPS is a challenging curriculum but so far it’s working great for him. The other big winner for him is the unit study approach we’re doing this year, which means he mostly reads. He’s loving that and it gives him a little more flexibility with his time to do other things.

*For David the big winner is the new writing curriculum we are using, Writing and Rhetoric from Classical Academic Press. We’re using the Fable book and he is really enjoying the chance to be a bit more creative with his writing. Well, he’s enjoying it as much as he enjoys anything about school. He’d prefer to spend the day riding his bike around and around our back yard, playing with our dog and building things with Legos. He gets to do all of those plenty, but he sees the rest of life as an interruption from playtime.


*Ruth is the opposite. She still is living up to her Little Miss Enthusiasm title and loving pretty much everything about kindergarten. Everything.

*Unintentionally we’ve had a slow ramp-up to all our fall activities. We started school in mid-August and had two weeks of just school which was nice. Then we added in ballet and co-op. Then the next week Scouts. Then tennis and piano and Odyssey of the Mind last week. And next week swimming starts for John, which is three times a week this year. That’s a lot of outside activities but doing it slowly has made it seem much less overwhelming.

IMG_0561 *We’re studying Astronomy all together as a family. We’ve done some activities from Science in a Nutshell kits. We’ve also been enjoying watching episodes from Cosmos. This is a really well-done series and both boys find it fascinating. Ruth prefers Magic Schoolbus, so we alternate which one we watch during our roughly weekly popcorn and a movie lunches.

*The best find of the week might have been a new-to-me food website, Budget Bytes. So far we’ve tried Creamy Vegetarian Enchilada Pasta and Greek Marinated Chicken. The whole family loved both (well the vegetarian member didn’t eat the chicken but otherwise they were both gobbled up). Both were easy and I’m definitely going to be going back for more ideas.


*Fall birthday season has begun with Ruth turning five. She likes to look back now on the good old days when she was four and “little”.

*We’ve been enjoying some of the cultural offerings at a local movie theater. H. and John went to see a production of Twelfth Night from the Globe Theater. It’s part of a series of plays that were “captured live” and then are being shown in movie theaters. Next week, H. and I have a date to go see another play at the same movie theater. And today, the whole family went to a free Family Film showcase that was part of the DC Shorts Film Festival.

IMG_0814*We’ve also been enjoying the gorgeous weather with lots of walks (with our newish puppy) and playing in the backyard. Ruth has almost mastered riding a bike without training wheels and the boys spend nearly every waking minute not doing school on their bikes. I’ve been working on our yard a lot this summer. I’m not really a gardener but I feel like it’s looking pretty good.

*As always, we’ve been reading a lot lately. I write about that in other posts so I won’t mention all the books here. Suffice to say that we have again maxed out our library cards, which means we have 150 books checked out of our local library. It’s 50 books a card, so I’m thinking Ruth needs to sign up for a card this year.





2 thoughts on “This and That

  1. I love it! I LOVE the idea of a popcorn and movie lunch. I’m going to have to borrow that! ;). I’m off to check out that food/recipe website, too.

    Love the bathtub picture and, well, EVERYTHING! 🙂 🙂

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