Kindergarten: The moon, some milk and some Oreos.


Along with reading books on cats and moons for Ruth’s first week of school we did some fun activities to go along with our study of Kitten’s First Full Moon. Just for fun we did a Milk Color Changing Demonstration from Steve Spangler ScienceIMG_0514Drop four drops of food coloring into a shallow bowl or plate of milk. Touch the middle with a Q-tip. Nothing will happen. Then put a drop of dish soap on the other end of the Q-tip and touch the middle again.


The colors go crazy. The explanation for why is on the Steve Spangler site and has to do with what happens when the chemical bonds holding the proteins and fat in solution in the milk are disrupted by the polar (both hydrophilic and hydrophobic) soap. For Ruth, we stuck with “Ooh! Pretty colors!” I made sure John and to some extent David understood what was going on behind the magic.


We also spent some time talking about the phases of the moon. This cool Oreo demonstration was a win-win. Easy to do, a great visual picture of the moon phases and tasty too. Which I guess makes it a win-win-win. We had them for tea time while we read some of our moon books. We also spent some time working through a couple of activities from one of our Delta Science in a Nutshell kits on the moon. We are starting the year with a unit on astronomy for science which went along perfectly with Ruth’s book this week.


Of all the things I planned, I think what Ruth liked best was this somewhat spontaneous idea I came up with one day to give her something to do while I worked with the boys on math. I traced a picture from Kitten’s First Full Moon and outlined it in Sharpie marker. My idea was to then have her try and shade it in black and white to mimic the illustrations in the book. She, however, was adamantly against that idea and wanted to use as much color as possible. I gave in and we talked briefly about why the illustrator might have chosen black and white over color and then I gave her the colored pencils and turned her loose. By the end of the week she must have done 10 of this pictures and David also did a few.

All in all, a good first week.

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