And it begins.


Tuesday was our first day of school. 6th grade, 3rd grade and …..KINDERGARTEN. The sixth grader and the third grader in the house were only mildly excited (or not really excited at all) about the school year beginning. But Ruth is thrilled to finally, finally, finally be a full-fledged kindergartener.

One of our school-year traditions is to have the kids choose breakfast. This year Ruth got to choose and it was donuts. Then after the donuts we take the annual “First Day of _____” photos. Followed by a treasure hunt ending in some school supplies (fancy pencils or lunch-bags or notebooks or paints). Last year I skipped the treasure hunt as there weren’t really any supplies the boys needed and I thought they might be getting a little old for it. Let’s just say I won’t skip it again. Finally, in the afternoon we go on some kind of adventure. In the past we’ve gone ice-skating, to an indoor water park, to an indoor trampoline place, and to a special Putt-Putt course. This year we started school on a day when H. was at work so we decided to save the special adventure for a day when he could join us. Instead, we went to the cheap theater to see a movie.

Oh yeah, we also did a little math and reading. And some handwriting thrown in for good measure. All in all, a fairly successful first day back.

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