The Sometimes Vegetarian: Sesame Eggs


Lunches are my least favorite meal to make. Even though it comes every day without fail, somehow it always seems to sneak up on me. I am at my least creative at lunchtime and find myself making the same things over and over.

The best solution is sometimes to have the boys make lunch for themselves or sometimes for all of us. I started by teaching them fairly easy things: grilled cheese sandwiches, scrambled eggs, quesadillas. John can pretty much make any egg dish (omelets, sunny-side-up, over-easy, scrambled). As they learn basic cooking skills and get more comfortable with cooking they have gotten more inventive. To me, this is where they are really cooking vs. just following a recipe. Sometimes the things they come up with are odd to me but I want them to be comfortable with cooking and I think you have to play a bit to get to that point. And as a bonus, they are more likely to eat their own creations.

This is a new creation of John’s but they both enjoy making it now. I think he first made it when he wanted to make fried rice but we didn’t have any leftover rice. It also works well for us as it fits David’s vegetarian diet. There isn’t an actual recipe but it goes something like this as near I can tell:

Sesame Eggs

Eggs (3 per person)
Frozen peas
Other veggies of your choice (carrots, corn)
Soy sauce
Sesame seeds
Chinese Five-Spice Powder

*The Nutmeg seems odd to me but they insist on adding it.

Beat the eggs. Heat some oil in a pan and begin to scramble the eggs. Add the veggies. When the eggs are beginning to solidify (at the soft scrambled egg stage) add some soy sauce (about 1 TBSP). Add a shake of Chinese Five-Spice Powder and a dash of Nutmeg. Continue to cook to your desired level of firmness. Sprinkle very liberally with sesame seeds. The more the better. Enjoy!



3 thoughts on “The Sometimes Vegetarian: Sesame Eggs

  1. Ironically, I don’t know how to use Chinese Five Spice. I think my mom used it as a rub on chicken (I don’t quite recall), but I think the boys use it because it has the adjective, “chinese.”

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