Scenes from New England- Part 1

8 days, 9 states, 1 college graduation (our niece).

3 generous families who opened their homes to us (and made it possible for us to do the whole vacation for under $2000).

Visits to so many college campuses (6) that we joked this was an unofficial college tour.

2 candy factories (Pez visitor center in Orange, Connecticut and Taza Chocolate in Somerville, Massachusetts).

IMG_2188 IMG_2222Pez visitor center/factory in Orange, Connecticut. Peabody Musuem of Natural History at Yale University. Candy and dinosaurs. A perfect first day.

IMG_2747Croquet in the backyard of friends in Providence, RI. It was really a blessing to be able to stay with three different families this trip. Besides saving us a huge amount of money, it was great for H. to catch up with these college and graduate school friends and for me to get to know them better. Plus, our kids learned croquet and Stratego and got to use up some pent-up-riding-in-the-car energy on a trampoline.

IMG_2771 IMG_2884 IMG_2928 IMG_2983 IMG_3019 IMG_3029 IMG_3099 IMG_3369Block Island, RI. Definitely my favourite place we visited. Rocky beaches and beautiful cliffs. A long (mostly uphill) bike ride as a family and the much more fun downhill ride back into town.

It’s good to be home again. We’ve been gone two out the past three weeks. John, who went to Puerto Rico with his aunt has been gone almost continuously for the past three weeks and I’m not sure he’ll know what to do with himself after spending two whole nights in a row in his own bed.

The second half of our trip was to Boston and the surrounding area. Stay tuned for more photos tomorrow.

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