Scenes from the Natural History Museum

IMG_0539 IMG_0534 IMG_0540 IMG_0547 IMG_0563 IMG_0581


IMG_0633 IMG_0648A beautiful spring day downtown. David, Ruth and I headed to the Natural History Museum. We went to see a new Imax movie on the lemurs of Madagascar. We also went through the live butterfly garden at the museum and skimmed through the Hall of Mammals. Fascinating fact: a giraffe has the same number of cervical (neck) vertebrae as a human; each vertebrae is just much much bigger than ours.

It was incredibly crowded downtown. We usually go on off season days and I’d forgotten that the week after Easter is still spring break for a lot of people and there are tons of school trips to DC battling for space on the Mall. Still, it was fun. We bought popcorn and fed the pigeons, one of David’s favorite things to do anywhere, and we rode the carousel, something Ruth has been begging to do every time we’ve gone downtown this winter.

And when we got home we discovered that our own butterflies had emerged from their chrysalises. A pretty cool ending to a pretty cool day.

(And John? Don’t feel sorry for him for missing out on the fun. He was at the XStem Symposium, part of the USA Science and Engineering Festival with friends. Where he heard Seymour Simon, Sylvia Earle, Theodore Grey, and Francis Collins speak, among others.)


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