William Shakespeare’s Star Wars

At first glance this book by Ian Doescher looks like it could be either the worst kind of bad fan fiction or a something you would buy as a clever gag gift. William Shakespeare’s Star Wars is neither. Doescher has taken the story of Star Wars: A New Hope (Episode VI or otherwise known as the real Star Wars before George Lucas ruined our childhood icon) and rewritten it in Shakespearean language. He doesn’t just drop in a few thees and thous. He writes the entire thing in iambic pentameter. This serves to underline the classic themes in Star Wars that really recur in all literature (good vs. evil, a hero going on a journey to discover his heroic nature, a princess, friendship and honor).

I think there is a lot that could be done with the book in a school setting. I hesitate to say that it could make Shakespeare accessible because I think Shakespeare can be made accessible to kids in many other ways. However, I do think this would be a great tool for kids who might already have decided that Shakespeare is boring or too hard or just dumb. I also think it would make a great accompaniment to the study of an original Shakespeare play. I can imagine a lot of discussion around whether or not just putting something in iambic pentameter makes it as beautiful as Shakespearean language (no). Or the difference between a play and a movie screenplay. Or the common themes we see in say Hamlet and Star Wars. I would also love to see this performed. Humphrey pointed out it would make for great forensics competition pieces.

Mostly, it’s just a really fun book to read. I enjoyed it. John loved it. And now Humphrey is reading it and loving it. It’s the rare book that three of us would read and enjoy equally.

I first heard about William Shakespeare’s Star Wars when it was shortlisted for a Cybils in the Young Adult Speculative Fiction category. Cybils winners will be announced tomorrow as a Valentine’s gift for all of us book lovers. Be sure to check them out then!.


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