Where We’ve Been


Blogging has been quiet lately but life hasn’t been so quiet. We’ve had several adventures in the past week or so. First H. and I went with some friends to hear Pierce Pettis at a local coffehouse/live music venue. Pettis is a singer-songwriter whose music is most often described as “roots folk”. He’s not a “Christian singer” but his lyrics are heavily influenced by Christianity as well as Southern culture. I like music well enough but am fairly musically illiterate (and I think tone-deaf). I really enjoyed the show because his lyrics are so rich and tell stories and paint vivid pictures. It was a fun date for me and H. also. In fact so fun, that we plan on going to hear another favourite singer at the same venue in March.

*For those readers from Alabama (or the South) if you don’t know Pettis, check him out. Start with his ode to his home state, State of Grace.

IMG_0170We’ve also visited the Natural History Museum. The dinosaur/fossil wing is closing in April for a major renovation and will remain closed until 2019. I was a huge dinosaur lover as a kid, as was John. The best thing about visiting the well-known exhibit this time was to see John showing Ruth all the different dinosaurs and teaching her about them. It’s probably a good thing that the wing is closing, the exhibit is very outdated and I’m excited to see what they do with it. But if you are in the area, I’d recommend swinging through this monument to a different era (and I mean the exhibit itself) one last time.

Finally, the boys and I went to see Peter and the Starcatcher at the Kennedy Center. Seeing this prequel to Peter Pan was their Christmas present and we’ve been reading the book (and finally finishing in a reading binge Tuesday night) together in preparation. We’ve gone to a lot of children’s theater from a young age but this was their first Broadway quality performance. I was really proud of both of them for behaving beautifully, especially my usually very wiggly silly 7 year old.


What else? Basketball for both boys. Swimming. Odyssey of the Mind, in the last stretch before competition next month. Co-op. Ballet. Piano and piano practice. Scouts.

And school. We’re plodding along. Vocabulary and Latin and Math and Biology. We’re beginning a long unit on the Ancient Greeks. We’ve been reading poetry. We’ve been to the library a lot. Of course, there have been books. A lot of books.

IMG_6901Like the rest of the East Coast we’ve been experiencing snowier and colder weather than normal. I write this in front of a warm and cozy fire while the kids play outside in the 12 inches of snow we received overnight. I think I’ve never been so happy to be a homeschooler as this year. The public schools have had to miss a lot of days and are now at the point of adding days onto the end of the school year. We play outside in the snow but we can also read a little history and do piano and still have a pretty normal day even on a snow day.

IMG_0327I don’t have a real ending to this rambling post so I’ll end instead with a photo of Ruth in her recital costume. She was very excited to try it on for Daddy and dance for us before we took her dance teacher’s advice and hung it in our closet until that far away day in June.

One thought on “Where We’ve Been

  1. Sounds like life is good and full! I know what you mean about snow days making you thankful for homeschooling–truly the best if both worlds to squeeze in some snow play and still have a “school day.”

    I clicked through to listen to Pierce Pettit and enjoyed it. How could I resist when you mentioned AL? 😉

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