Non-Fiction Monday: Flight of the HoneyBee

Raymond Huber focuses on the flight of a single scout bee in this lovely new book about honeybees. Flight of the Honey Bee follows Scout as she flies out looking for a food source for her hive. Along the way, the reader briefly is introduced to the other types of bees in the hive but the focus is on the scout’s flight. We see the danger the Scout encounters along the way, learn how the Scout carries the nectar and pollen back to the hive and see a bit of the waggle dance the bees use for communication. Keeping the focus on one bee makes this a very accessible book for young preschoolers and early elementary students.

Brian Lovelock’s brightly colored illustrations are equally appealing for young kids and show the story from varying perspectives (high above the world or a bee’s eye view). It’s difficult to describe how truly lovely these luminous paintings are but they really elevate this book to something beyond the average non-fiction book .

Huber also includes extra facts on each page in a smaller print which add interest for older kids as well. The most memorable new fact for us was that bees have hair on their eyeballs. End pages include some additional facts on bees and an index but no bibliography.

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4 thoughts on “Non-Fiction Monday: Flight of the HoneyBee

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  2. This seems to be a really lovely book. I looked at some pages on line. The art is beautiful and the writing seems just right for a read-aloud. Thanks for telling me about it. I hadn’t heard of this one.

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