Who knew?

As a blogger, especially a blogger without a particularly huge following (ok with a pretty small following), sometimes I wonder if anyone is reading. I kind of missed the heyday of blogging and I’ve somewhat consciously decided not to actively try to increase the number of “hits” and readers through things like “search-engine optimization”. I don’t do Twitter or Facebook which probably hurts me as a lot of people are more likely to follow and comment on blogs through social media. The reason I’ve chosen not to do those things isn’t that I think that any of it is wrong but just that I’m more comfortable keeping blogging as something I do mostly for myself but that happens to be sort of public. It keeps it where I want it in my life. A fun hobby but not something that takes over too much of my time and energy.

Still. I can’t help but wonder sometimes. Does anything I write impact anyone? Do my musings on parenting encourage anyone? Do my husband’s photos that I shamelessly use inspire anyone? Do my book reviews prompt anyone to read more?

At the end of each year, WordPress sends bloggers an email with a summary of stats. As much as I say I don’t care, it’s still fun to look. Hey, someone in Turkey clicked on my blog! They love me in Latvia! One of the stats that was especially interesting to me this year was my number one post from the year (as judged by views) combined with the number one search engine topic that drew people here.

It was this post from 2012.

And the search engine topic that sent the most people to my blog (and presumedly to that post)? “Michael Landon was no saint.”


Out of all the things I’ve ever written about. That’s the one that got the most people here. I’m not sure whether to give up or to just tag every post “Michael Landon” from now on.

Regardless, I’d like to welcome all the Little House on the Prairie fans that have stopped by. You made 2013 a great year. Thanks!


6 thoughts on “Who knew?

  1. I know you weren’t asking for pats on the back, but nonetheless . . . I read your blog and like it! 😀 I admit, it’s mostly selfish, because you help me find awesome books to read to my kids. 🙂

  2. I love your blog! I love your book reviews, your thoughts on all the positive things about homeschooling, and your wise analysis when the reality doesn’t go as smoothly as the theory! Also, since your three kids seem so different in terms of their interests and personalities, I find it really interesting to see how one mom can adapt her approach as best suits each child, while still staying close to her overall goals for their education. Plus, since you’re such a good writer, your posts are always enjoyable to read!

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