Nonfiction Monday: How the Meteorite Got to the Museum

Jessie Hartland follows the formula that was successful in her previous books, How the Dinosaur Got to the Museum and How the Sphinx Got to the Museum with this new book. Here she follows the journey of the Peekskill Meteorite to the American Museum of Natural History.

I like these books for the exploration of all the different people involved behind the scenes in the artifacts we see at a museum. In this book, the background information includes the football fans and dogs that saw the meteorite as it streaked across the sky over five states before crashing into the trunk of an 18 yr old girl’s Chevy Malibu. The text is told in the familiar “the house that Jack built” formula. The repetition and the vaguely cartoonish like drawings appeal to preschoolers and younger elementary age students. Overall, there isn’t a lot of information about meteorites but there is just enough to intrigue an older student and perhaps prompt them to learn more if they are interested.

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