Bookish Resolutions

I don’t make many New Year’s Resolutions. I love the New Year and the promise of “a clean slate with no mistakes in it,” (paraphrased from the L. M. Montgomery quote in my sidebar). But I’ve found my resolutions all tend to be things I struggle with and that end up coming up again and again. Eat healthier. Drink more water. Exercise more. Take vitamins regularly (or maybe not). Waste less time. Budget better. Save more money. All good things but let’s face it, making a resolution on an arbitrary day isn’t necessarily the best first step to major change.

So the past few years I’ve made resolutions that are pretty easy to keep but that still positively impact our lives. Last year one was for H. and I go on more dates. Easy and fun to keep. Most of my resolutions though stem around what to read.

In past years, I’ve made lists of books I wanted to tackle or numbers I wanted to read. Last year I simply said I wanted to read more and otherwise left the “what” to read to a more spontaneous approach. I still think that works best for me. I have a TBR list but so often what I choose to read depends on what I just heard on NPR or a review I saw on a blog or what a friend just read or what our bookclub is reading or a chance to go deeper in a subject that another book suggested. Still, if you like books, it’s fun to think about what to read and I’m someone who loves books and loves making lists.

For 2014 I’d like to do the following:

1) Read more.
2) Read at least 5 books (an arbitrary number) off my own TBR list or off my shelves.
3) Go back to reading through the list of classics in the Well-Educated Mind.
4) Blog more about what I read than I did this past year.

That’s it.

Wishing you lots of good reading in 2014!


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