Scenes from a birthday.

For David’s sixth birthday, we spent the day on the beach in Orange Beach Alabama.

For David’s seventh birthday we found ourselves on the road again.

IMG_2058IMG_2050 IMG_2001 IMG_1970 IMG_1946 IMG_1926 IMG_1804 IMG_1847We had a family wedding to go to in New York City this past weekend. Knowing we’d be traveling on his birthday, we planned to spend the day at the Bronx Zoo for our resident animal lover. Hands-down, the best zoo any of us had ever been too. We easily spent 4 hours there and they had to kick us out at closing time. Luckily, the wedding reception was at the Zoo two nights later and we were able to see some of what we missed the first go-round.

We topped off the day with Vegan Chinese food, for our seven-year old vegetarian. And a stay in a hotel, easily his favorite part of the day.
Not sure yet what we’re going to do for his eighth birthday….

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