The too busy week.

To add to the list of things I swore I’d NEVER do as a parent (co-sleep, yell at the kids, give in to whining, be a short-order cook) you can now add “be completely crazily overscheduled”. This was a killer week for us. We’re typically pretty busy but it’s manageable since homeschooling provides us with a certain amount of flexibility and built in downtime. However, John’s baseball coach decided to schedule practice everyday this week which created all kinds of conflicts. Added to that were a handful of extra appointments and commitments. It meant that everyday there was some kind of juggling of “which kid’s activity takes priority and who takes who where and what can we be late to.” It meant that we didn’t have a single night of having dinner together as a family, quite unusual for us.

Undoubtably this week was too busy and we couldn’t maintain this pace for long. It remains to be seen if we need to drop some activities (and what we would drop) in the future. It’s easy when you have preschoolers to think that you’ll never let your family get too busy but it’s even easier to get to the point where you are.

I realized last weekend that the week would be busy and decided to have a lighter week of school. It was also our fourth week of school so it seemed reasonable to do things a little differently. I told the boys at the beginning of the week that math, reading and piano had to be done daily. I gave them a list of some other things that I’d ideally like to do and a list of things that we could do if we had time.

Math got done. John and I had time to work through some very challenging problems together, something I really enjoy doing with him, especially as he is currently doing a lot of geometry kind of problems. John read quite a bit in his assigned reading, The Evolution of Calpernia Tate and we had a nice discussion time on it today. He also read some other books that I lost track of. David enjoyed the two books he is currently reading, especially a new one about some warrior frogs. In addition, John started a typing program. Both boys did some logic puzzles. One day we had a longish history session. They are both studying Mesopotamia. We made a timeline on our patio to visualize what 48 million years of geologic time “looks like”. Today we went on a hike with a friend at one of our favorite wetland parks.

There was also ballet and gymnastics and swimming and co-op and Odyssey of the Mind. John and I continue to progress on the Couch to 5K plan (me more slowly than him).  And there was baseball. A lot of baseball.

So it was ok. For now, I think this is our season. If there is a time for everything, this is our busy time. I tend to feel stressed and overwhelmed weeks like this. But it’s good to remember that all of these things are blessings and that there are moments of grace amongst all the running around. And to remember that there will be a time of rest. Eventually.


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