Scenes from the Zoo

A day of unseasonably beautiful weather and the need to do something special with David and Ruth while John is at Scout camp led us to play hookey from the last day of swim team practice and head to the zoo.



IMG_1856IMG_1862We saw the big cats for Ruth and rode the new carousel. The carousel is really beautiful with a great variety of animals. You can ride a squid or a hummingbird or a rhino or a bald eagle (David’s choice). We saw the elephants, including a really cool training session with the young male elephant.

IMG_1868IMG_1919IMG_1924IMG_1953IMG_1941We saw a lot of birds, by David’s request. David likes the vultures a lot because they eat dead things, which means that they don’t kill anything. David is now about a 90% vegetarian due to his love of animals. (The 90% is because he is only six and he does still like sausage. And sometimes bacon.) We never did figure out what bird made that huge nest in the open flight exhibit.


061The more things change, the more they stay the same. David’s favorite thing at the zoo is still feeding the birds popcorn. (Upper photo, today. Lower photo, two years ago.)

IMG_1904061And Ruth’s favorite thing is still the water misters.


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