Read Aloud Thursday: Princess Super Kitty

This new-to-us book by Antoinette Portis was clearly the favorite of the week for Ruth. Maggie isn’t just a girl, she’s a kitty. Complete with ears and a tail. She says “Meow” when her Mom talks to her and she drinks milk like a kitty. (She doesn’t  eat fish, some kitties apparently like peanut butter and banana sandwiches). When she realizes kitties love to nap, she turns herself into SUPER KITTY. Super Kitty is too busy saving baby brothers and fetching bottles for Mom in zero seconds to nap. What could be better?

Why, Princess Super Kitty of course!

Needless to say, my cat and princess loving daughter LOVED this book. It also might tell you something about her personality to know that one of her favorite pages was of Princess Super Kitty’s brother bowing down to her in obedience. On each reading we would have to go back to that page and look at it again. Today, Ruth remarked, “ I think David really likes that picture.”

Surprised, I said, “Which one, the one of the boy bowing to his sister?”

Ruth looked at me with a gleam in her eye. “Yes, “ she said. “He definitely likes that picture.”

SAM_6598Our Super Princess Kitty. Notice the snake draped around her neck. Very good for intimidating brothers subjects.

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