There are a lot of reasons we homeschool.

Recently we’ve added a new one. After reading about the second grader suspended for chewing his Pop-Tart into a gun shape and the 5 year old girl who made a “terrorist threat” against a classmate and the 6 year old suspended for pointing a finger at a classmate and saying “Pow”, I’m quite convinced we’ve made the right decision.

SAM_6740It’s likely they would just end up at home after being expelled anyway.

*In full disclosure the Nerf gun was disarmed and taken apart before spelling and grammar.

**In fuller disclosure it was disarmed because his mother thought it was funny to keep shooting him and his brother if they were goofing off and not doing their work.

**And in the fullest disclosure, the 6 yr old disarmed his mother and took apart the gun, knowing she probably couldn’t figure out how to put it back together again.

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