Read Aloud Thursday: Wolves (the Fairy Tale Version)

So I’m a little late today with this post but it’s still Thursday so it’s all good. Today I have three books starring fairy tale wolves to share. The first is Huff & Puff, an interactive version of the Three Little Pigs, by Claudia Reuda. There is actually no wolf pictured in this version as the reader plays the role of the wolf, huffing and puffing through die-cut peepholes. This is a great version for a younger reader, it was right on target for my Ruth, age
3 1/2. The pigs are cute, it’s funny to see the pigs get mad at the wolf/reader and the end has a nice happy surprise. (Hint: It involves a birthday cake and huffing and puffing.)

The Great Fairy Tale Disaster by David Conway also stars the infamous wolf from The Three Little Pigs. But this wolf is tired of huffing and puffing. He heads out in search of a more relaxing fairy tale. He tries out Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty and Jack and the Beanstalk and The Three Little Bears. But nothing is right for him and he just ends up causing more and more chaos with every story he enters. In the end, he comes full circle to huff and puff at the door of those little pigs.

What’s the Time, Mr. Wolf? by Debi Gliori was our favorite of these three books.  It’s also full of nursery rhyme and fairy tale characters (from Little Red Riding Hood to those pigs to Humpty Dumpty to Little Bo Peep). It’s Mr. Wolf’s birthday and we see him progress through his day as each page asks “What’s the Time, Mr. Wolf?” (The accompanying illustrations also have clocks, so it could make a nice book for talking about telling time.) Mr. Wolf is a little bit grumpy as noone has remembered his special day but unknown to him the other characters are all preparing for a big surprise party for his birthday. The watercolor and ink illustrations are marvelously detailed and it’s fun to search for all the different familiar characters.

It’s not too late to stop by and check out the rest of Read Aloud Thursday at Hope is the Word.

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