2 thoughts on “Scenes from a Sunday afternoon at the National Gallery.

  1. For all who weren’t there: we actually went to the West Wing, which is not pictured.
    Picture #1 is the US Capitol, which we had to walk by from the only place we could find a parking space.
    Picture #2 is of the kids playing in the now phoneless phone booths while we were waiting for the elevator.
    Picture #3 is in front of the Henry Moore sculpture in front of the East Wing. Woman sitting at right wasn’t at all pleased by being in our little photo shoot, and eventually got up until we were done (then she promptly retook her seat).
    Picture #4 is the nether zone between East & West Wings – but I think the first time the kids understood the relationship between the water fountains above ground and the water you can see in the connecting tunnel below ground.

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