A Day in the Life. (Part 2)

In what is sure to be a shocking development to anyone who knows me in real life, today Supratentorial will morph into a fashion blog. I will also be answering the burning question I’m sure many of you have after yesterday’s post: So what does Ruth do all day?

SAM_64777:45- Up for the day. Notice the pink blanket. It accessories any outfit.


8:30- Dressed for the day. Yes, it is February. Never let that stop you from wearing a tank top if you want to.


8:35- Wait, forgot the pink tutu skirt.


8:40- Just kidding. That tutu skirt was so five minutes ago. And yes, those are pink shorts over the pants. Layering is always a good choice.


10:00- Moving on to dresses.

10:05- Photo missing. Imagine a green and pink dress instead of the red flowered one.


10:12- How about the white one?


10:19- “No, I want the one with the sash that ties. I LOVE sashes.”

SAM_648810:21- “I HATE sashes. Sashes are terrible.”


10:55- That last dress was on for over 30 minutes. Must be time to change.


10:59- To be fair, I made her put the sweater on to go for a walk.

SAM_649312:05- The after walk outfit.

2:30- Missed a photo. Imagine the above outfit with the pink tutu skirt.


2:45- Forget tutu skirt. Let’s go with the real tutu.


3:19- And the final outfit of the day other than pajamas. Surprisingly conventional.

This was actually an unusual number of outfits for the day. Unusually small. And unusual in that she kept the same pants on all day. Typically she does a complete outfit change each time.

5 thoughts on “A Day in the Life. (Part 2)

  1. Cute! We have a fashionista here, too, though she usually limits her outfit changes to just one or two per day. Actually, she’s beginning to grow out of even that. It’s sort of sad.

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