Cybils: Final Thoughts

The Cybils Awards were announced yesterday. I’ve been following along and was able to read all but one of the fiction picture book and non-fiction picture book finalists. I was happy with the fiction picture book winner, A Home for Bird. Happy because it’s a good book and happy for my friend Amy who nominated it. A Home for Bird was a book that grew on me. The first time we read it I thought it was ok but when I checked it out a second time I more charmed by it and I was impressed by how excited David and Ruth were to read it again. This was definitely a book with a lot of kid appeal in our house, which is fitting as the Cybils are supposed to be about kid appeal as well as literary merit.

The non-fiction picture book winner was Mrs. Harkness and the Panda which was definitely not my favorite of the finalists. Still, I can’t argue too much with anything illustrated by Melissa Sweet. Of the other categories, the only other winner I had read was Wonder, which I wasn’t surprised to see win. John recently read the Middle Grade Science Fiction winner, The False Prince and LOVED it so I’ll count that as one kid who agrees with the committee. In fact, he is anxiously awaiting the publication of the second book in the series on March 1st.

I think the thing I learned this year from following the Cybils is basically the same as last year: there are a lot of really excellent children’s books out there. I’m putting several of the finalists on my own TBR list.


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