Read Aloud Thursday: Two Tiger Tales

In this first book, Mary Logue gives us a gentle story of a little girl who doesn’t want to fall asleep. I love the patience of the parents who wisely don’t try and argue with their daughter when she insists she is not tired at all. “Ok,” they say “but you still have to brush your teeth.” And put on your pajamas. And get in bed. Along the way she wonders if everything has to sleep. Her parent assure her that yes, everything does. Whales and bats. Snails and, yes, even tigers. I loved the very realistic back and forth conversation between the girl and her parents. Sleep Like a Tiger was a Caldecott Honor Book this year and Pamela Zagarenski’s illustrations are both lovely and strange. They are slightly surreal but not at all frightening. Ruth especially seemed to like this book, I think she may have identified just a bit with the crown-wearing, not-wanting-to-go-to-sleep little girl.

However, Ruth liked this next tiger book even more than the first one. It begins with a little boy telling a story about monkeys. Monkeys swinging on trees. But wait a second, that isn’t a monkey tail….it’s a tiger! The boy runs from the tiger only to find him pop up again and again on each page.  It’s a Tiger! is a perfect toddler or preschooler book with just the right amount of repetition. Ruth loved yelling “It’s a Tiger” at the right time on each page. The story reminded me just a bit of We’re Going on a Bear Hunt (another favorite here) with the repetition and just the right amount of scariness. This tiger is more cute than fierce and in the end readers will be happy to find that he’s really not trying to eat the boy. The book ends with a funny twist that Ruth really liked. She asked for multiple readings of this one and proclaimed it “FUNNY!” each time.


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3 thoughts on “Read Aloud Thursday: Two Tiger Tales

  1. I still have never laid eyes in the Caldecott honor book in person. Weird to me that in all my library visiting, I’ve never seen it. That second one looks like it woud be a huge winner with the DLM!

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