Poetry Friday: Math Puzzles

The word “unique” probably gets used too much to describe new books. I think I’m safe though in calling this collection of poems by J. Patrick Lewis (the Children’s Poet Laureate) unique.  Part poetry collection, part math puzzles and part tribute to 14 classic poets, Edgar Allan Poe’s Pie is truly one of a kind. It’s probably best for older kids as many of the math puzzles involve fractions and percents or other more advanced math concepts. It also may be best enjoyed if you first know at least some of the poems that these refer to. I like that Lewis includes short blurbs on each poet at the end. All in all it’s a fun book. I would definitely recommend it if you have a student who enjoys math and maybe isn’t so sure about poetry. Or a student who really likes poetry but needs a little something extra to spice up math.

Here’s an excerpt from the title poem “Edgar Allan Poe’s Apple Pie”:

Once upon a midnight rotten, 
Cold, and rainy, I’d forgotten
All about the apple pie
Still cooling from the hour before. 

Poetry Friday is hosted this week at Violet Nesdoly Poems.

8 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: Math Puzzles

  1. Love the cover. I will look into this poetry collection when the next time I visit the library. Thank you for sharing this!! =)

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