Nonfiction Monday: Monkey Colors

 John has always loved non-fiction books. Even as a preschooler he would sit and listen to very detailed factual books on sharks or volcanoes or dinosaurs. (One of his stocking stuffers this year as a book that just lists weird and hard to believe facts.) David and Ruth? Not so into non-fiction. That’s why I’m always happy to find high-quality non-fiction that will appeal to them. I picked up Monkey Colors because David has always had a soft spot for monkeys. In fact, before his current bird obsession he used to pretend to be a monkey for large parts of the day. Most of the text of this book is written at a toddler or early preschooler level, simply naming the different colors that monkeys can be. Each color is represented by a realistic illustration of a monkey.

Simple, yes. But not simplistic. Each monkey is labeled and the breadth of monkeys covered is great from the red howler monkey to the golden lion tamarind to the red-shanked douc langur. The author, Darrin Lunde, is a mammalogist with the Smithsonian and the end of the book contains several pages with more facts about each monkey earlier mentioned for those who want to know more. Especially nice is a world map showing where each monkey’s native home is and that briefly explains the differences in different kinds of primates.

And because I can’t hear the word monkey without getting this song stuck in my head…

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3 thoughts on “Nonfiction Monday: Monkey Colors

  1. Looks great! Our DLM would love this because last week he said he was a brown monkey, then a black monkey. 🙂

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