Cybils Shortlist Thoughts

Today is the day that the Cybils shortlists come out. My thoughts?


I’m not really sure what to think. Last year I concentrated on reading books nominated in the fiction and non-fiction picture book categories and had read 6 out of 7 books on each shortlist when they were announced. This year I also concentrated on the fiction and non-fiction picture book categories but have read only 3 of the 7 on the fiction picture book shortlist and only 4 of the 7 on the non-fiction picture book shortlist. Of the books on each list that I had read, none were particular favorites of me or my kids. However, I’m interested now in going back and re-reading the ones we have already read to see what we may have missed on the first reading. I’m even more excited about looking for the books on each shortlist we haven’t read yet.

I didn’t read a lot in any other category so it’s not surprising that most of the books on other the shortlists are unknown to me. I wasn’t surprised to see Wonder on the Middle Grade Fiction shortlist and I was quite happy to see Code Name Verity on the YA Fiction list. I’m also interested in checking out the books on the Middle Grade Science Fiction/Fantasy list, John’s favorite genre and one I’m trying to read more in to be able to share books with him.

In some ways the shortlists feel like a letdown this year, I obviously pick books very differently from the judges. A more optimistic view is “Hey, lot’s of new books for me to read with my kids!” I think I’ll choose that view.

Stop by Hope is the Word for more shortlist thoughts and then again on Jan 15th for shortlisted book reviews.

2 thoughts on “Cybils Shortlist Thoughts

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