Journaling the Years

As the year ends, I thought I’d share one of my favorite ways of keeping track of the days and years as they go by. I’m not  a scrapbooker and don’t really have any desire to be. This blog does records some of our memories but because I’ve chosen to be semi-private about what I share it’s limited. I’ve found this year that I really enjoy blogging about books, and this blog is a fantastic place to record our reading lives. It also provides a bit of an archive of my thoughts about parenting and homeschooling. But it’s not a great place to record all the little things we do with our days.

For that, I use the Journal 10+ (published by the well-named Because Time Flies company). Each page of the journal is devoted to one day (for example March 2nd). Then there are a few lines to write something on that day for 11 years. There is really only space to jot down a few things each day so it’s easy to do in a few minutes. The best part though is being able to look back on any given day at what we were doing last year, the year before and for years before that. I started doing this the year before John was born (so the first year has a lot of “read all afternoon while H. golfed” kinds of days). Sometimes when I don’t have anything to write I will jot down a few things about the kids: favorite books, colors, sports they like, personality traits. That’s especially interesting to go back and read over the years. Today I come to the last entry for the journal I’ve been keeping for the past 11 years but I have a new one waiting for me to start on Jan 1st.

*I know this sounds like an advertisement but I’m not being compensated for this post. I just really like the Journal 10+ and thought I’d share it with all of you.

2 thoughts on “Journaling the Years

  1. I love this, too, Alice! I’d forgotten about it already from when you shared it with me before. Thanks for the reminder!

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