Read Aloud Thursday: It’s All About Me-ow

The more books we read by Hudson Talbott the more I like him. In this new book he celebrates all things feline. The story is narrated by Buddy, a world-wise tabby, as he gives three little kittens a tour of their new home and an introduction to the world of the cat.

Buddy covers differences between humans and cats. (Cats: perfect hearing, gorgeous body, laserlike eyesight, radarlike whiskers…Humans: poor hearing, a  body that needs covering, dim eyesight and useless whiskers). He gives the kittens a brief lesson on cats in history (including the glory years in Egypt around 2500 BC ).He instructs them on purr therapy and the proper ways of communicating with humans. Most importantly he covers what to do if humans dare to forget that their cat is the center of their world.

There’s a lot of fun feline facts mixed in with the cartoon-style illustrations. If you have cats or have ever had cats this is a must read. And even if you are a dog-lover it’s worth a try.

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