Non-Fiction Monday: Minette’s Feast

We all enjoyed this charming biography of Julia Child and her cat Minette. Susannah Reich chooses to focus on the familiar period of Child’s life when she first lived in Paris and learned to cook. We recently had read another picture book biography of Child, Bon Appetit, which was packed full of more information and covered a much larger part of Child’s life. I enjoyed both books. Bon Appetit is much more thorough but Minette’s Feast is the more beautiful of the two. The illustrations are lovely and Reich uses alliteration and rhyme in a really nice way to give a poetic feeling to the story. “She baked and blanched, blended and boiled, drained and dried, dusted and fried. She floured and flipped, pitted and plucked, rinsed and roasted, sizzled and skimmed.”  Of the two books my kids liked Minette’s Feast much much more.

And as a special treat…here is a wonderful Julia Child video. Done by pbsdigitalstudios, these videos use autotune to remix real footage of PBS icons and set them to music.

If you liked that, check out You Tube and you can also see similar videos for Mr. Rogers, Bob Ross and Reading Rainbow. I love that all of them capture the personality of the person without mocking them.

Non-Fiction Monday is hosted this week at Wrapped in Foil. Go and check it out. It’s always a fantastic source for good non-fiction for kids.

4 thoughts on “Non-Fiction Monday: Minette’s Feast

  1. Julia Child had a very interesting life! Minette is a popular name for kitties in France. Mama had Minou and Minouchette, and as you know, many memorable little kitty names! Anxious to be with you and H. and the kids at Christmas!

  2. Wasn’t Minette was an incredibly lucky cat to have Julia Child as a chef?

    I was intrigued to find out from the previous comment that Minette is a common name for a cat in France. 🙂

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