Read Aloud Thursday: Fractured Fairy Tales

In this version of the classic story the Three Pigs, the porcine heroes  decide to train in martial arts in order to protect themselves from the Big Bad Wolf. The first two pigs train briefly but don’t stick with it and are easily defeated by the wolf. The third pig chooses to train in karate and works hard. Her diligence pays off when it is her turn to face the wolf. This was a fun book. Ruth is in a phase where she likes to pick  out the character she is in every book (and a character for every other person in the family). She loved the idea of being the girl pig who saved her brothers from the big wolf.

As I’ve said recently I’m a little tired of the post-modern snarky trend in children’s literature. However, Mo Willems takes sarcasm and walks right up to the line of snark but doesn’t cross it.

”One day for no particular reason, the three Dinosaurs made up their beds, positioned their chairs just so, and cooked three bowls of delicious chocolate pudding at various temperatures.” 

The Three Dinosaurs then go Someplace Else but definitely not to the woods to hide while they wait for an unsuspecting succulent child to wander by. This was one of the rare picture books that truly appealed to all three of my kids (not always easy with a 3, 6, and 9 year old). John laughed out loud throughout it. David especially liked the endpages where there are various other ideas for versions of Goldilocks (..and the Three Underwear Salesmen, and the Three Wise Men, and the Three Xylophones). Ruth didn’t get a lot of the humor but she still loved it and requested multiple reads. The illustrations are as clever as the text. There are many visual jokes scattered throughout. My favorite was a poster in the dinosaurs’ home showing a dinosaur with a hard hat and the slogan “We are Natural Gas.”

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Both of these books have been nominated for a Cybils in the fiction picture book category. Come back later today for my Armchair Cybils round-up of all the nominated books we’ve read and reviewed so far.

9 thoughts on “Read Aloud Thursday: Fractured Fairy Tales

  1. I wasn’t aware of this Mo Willems book. We’ve really enjoyed Elephant and Piggue, but I haven’t understood the pigeon books at all. I haven’t introduced them to my boys because in flipping pages, I’m just not “feelin’ the love” myself.

    We do, however, tend to like fractured fairy tales very much so I’ll keep an eye out for these.

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