Nonfiction Monday: I Have a Dream

Kadir Nelson has created an absolutely beautiful  tribute to Martin Luther King Jr. with this book. Nelson uses excerpts from King’s famous Dream speech and accompanies them with gorgeous photo-realistic like paintings.

The paintings  are a perfect way for a younger child to understand the meaning behind the speech without understanding all the words.  For example, one page features the simple powerful image of a white hand and a black hand clasped.

We’ve only discussed racism and civil rights a bit and in a fairly shallow way. It’s a subject that it’s hard to know how much to say. I tried to explain to them about racism and that some people judge people, treat them poorly and even hate them based on the color of the person’s skin. My boys’ response was “That’s stupid.” Well, yes, it is. But somehow it seems like the conversation shouldn’t end there. I’m just not always sure how much or what to say. That’s why I appreciate a book like this one. It provides a gentle easy way to further the conversation.

Nonfiction Monday is hosted this week at Booktalking.

I Have a Dream has been nominated for a Cybil in the non-fiction picture book category this year.

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