Summary of a Road Trip South

15: Number of Days on the Road

9:  Number of States Visited (counting a one mile excursion across the Florida state line   just to say we did it)

3223: Total Number of Miles Traveled

493:  Most Miles Traveled in One Day

4: Most Number of Nights Spent in One Place (New Orleans)

50: Approximate Number of Hours in the Car

$100: Average Amount Spent Per Day not including Hotels and Gas

45: Number of State License Plates Spotted (Plus District of Columbia and three Canadian Provinces. If you live in Oregon, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming or Hawaii and want to drive by our house you’d make our family really happy.)

3: Number of times we did laundry on the road

1: Number of hurricanes awaiting us on our return

0: Number of bottles of water left in the grocery store by the time we went shopping last night

I have several posts planned about our experiences with travel with kids and a few more photos to share but Hurricane Sandy might put those plans on hold for a few days or so.

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