Days 3 and 4


Walking across the footbridge in Chattanooga.


Hiking at Fall Creek Falls State Park in Tennessee. The waterfall at about 250 feet is the highest waterfall east of the Mississippi.

At the Adventure Science Center in Nashville. The boys loved this moonwalk simulator.

Reviewing Tennessee geography at the giant map of Tenneesee at Bicentennial Park in Nashville (across from the state capitol building).

The Parthenon at Centennial Park in Nashville.

We’ve all really enjoyed what we’ve seen of Tennessee. What we’ve experienced has been a state with a lot of natural beauty and outdoor fun. We’ve also enjoyed visiting a lot of old friends and have had the blessing of staying in Nashville with H.’s cousins. The boys in particular enjoyed connecting with their 8 yr old cousin (second? once removed? I can’t ever keep cousins straight). We spent a good amount of time just hanging out, going to a playground, letting the boys play basketball and having a more restful day. Today we head to Alabama and new friends.

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