Question Boy and Little Miss Know-It-All

The back cover of this fabulously funny new book says:

When Peter Catalanotto read that the average five-year-old asks more than four hundred questions a day, he thought, THERE’S A CHARACTER!  He was reminded of his daughter at that age, and of how humbling and overwhelming her questions could be. Then, a few years later, instead of questions, she seemed to have all the answeres. Peter wondered, WHAT IF THESE TWO PERSONALITIES ACTUALLY MET?

Question Boy wanders his neighborhood defeating all the adult super-heroes (Garbage Man, Oil Man, Police Woman) with his never-ending stream of questions.

“How much stuff can you fit in your truck?”  Question Boy asked.
“A lot,” Garbage Man answered.
“More than an elephant?”
“Probably,” said Garbage Man. “I think so.”
“Could you fit a whale in there?”
Garbage Man looked around….
“How about a brontosaurus?”
Garbage Man slowly backed away.
“The moon? Could you fit the whole moon in there?”

The faces of the adults as they flee Question Boy are priceless. But the book really gets good when Question Boy meets his match, Little Miss Know-It-All, a tutu and tiara wearing spitfire who not only knows how many ridges there are on a dime (118) but that turtles can sometime breathe through their rear ends, a giraffe can clean its ears with its tongue and that Abraham Lincoln had a pet turkey named Jack. The battle is fierce and legendary and looks bad for Question Boy until he fights back with his ultimate weapon. The most dreaded question of all: Why?. In the end the battle ends in a draw and the two mighty super-heroes decide as  many before them that it’s better to work together than be enemies.

Both H. and I found this book hilarious, perhaps even more so as we live with the two main characters. They also found it quite funny. Even more funny to me was that as I read the book John kept saying “Hmm…I’m not sure if that’s true” or “Actually….” to Miss Know-It-All’s statements. And then after I finished as I was tucking David into bed he said “Question?” (which is something he says on par with that average 5 year old roughly 400 times a day). He had a question about the another book we’d read earlier in the evening. And then John tried to answer it. I’m not making that up.

Find this book and read it. And someone go and nominate if for a Cybils!

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