Heading South

So, I had a post planned to write today, all about how we’ve been flirting with unschooling or at least relaxed schooling this week. It’s been a good week with lots of books read and things learned despite (or because of) the more relaxed style.

However, the reason that we’ve been more relaxed is that we’ve also been busy getting ready to go on a big two week vacation. We’re heading South tomorrow morning for a 8 state driving tour. Getting ready for the vacation has left me at the end of the week with little time to write. Finally the bags are packed. The house is clean (we have friends staying here while we are gone). The kids are sleeping. And it’s time for me to head to bed also in preparation for an early start in the morning.

I may have a chance to post from the road. If not, I’ll have a lot of pictures and adventures to share when we get back.

3 thoughts on “Heading South

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