Read Aloud Thursday: From the New Shelf

A great new addition to the preschool books on trucks canon. It’s a familiar concept, although focusing on knocking stuff down rather than building, but it’s exceptionally well done. Bright colors, bouncy rhyming text, lots of truck sounds.  Ruth isn’t a huge truck fan so I didn’t have to read this one over and over again but it’s fun enough to read that I wouldn’t have minded.

Because Amelia smiled, Mrs. Higgins smiled too. Because Mrs. Higgins smiled she made cookies and sent them to her son Lionel. Lionel shared some cookies with his class which inspired one of his students to….You get the idea. The “pass on the love” concept could have been corny but it’s done in a really beautiful way. Each step is plausible but still surprising as the smile circles the globe and comes back to where it started. The illustrations are done in soft pastels that work well with the story. The author, David Ezra Stein, won the Caldecott Award for Interrupting Chicken a few years ago. Knowing he wrote both books proves his versatility as an author to me.

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6 thoughts on “Read Aloud Thursday: From the New Shelf

  1. DEMOLITION would certainly have been a favorite of John’s and David’s when they were Ruth’s age!! I remember how much they loved trucks! For Ruth, maybe if they had princesses driving those trucks….

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