Read Aloud Thursday: Emily Gravett

Emily Gravett is an author who is a fairly recent discovery for me. But I really enjoy her books with their combination of whimsical illustrations and slightly twisted (but not too twisted) sense of humor. We read The Odd Egg for E week this week. (Not a lot of choices for E week if you are keeping it to the short “e” sound. Lots of eggs and elephants.) All the birds have laid eggs but Duck. Duck is sad until he finds a huge spotted green egg that he falls in love with right away. The other birds make fun of his egg but he stubbornly sits on it waiting for it to hatch. The other eggs all hatch and he still waits. Finally the egg hatches and a giant alligator pops out scaring (or perhaps eating) all the other birds right off the page. It’s a funny story but the details make it even more special. The pages where the birds hatch are done on overlapping progressively larger strips, somewhat Eric Carle-like. I also love that Duck is a he.

I also happened to get this new Emily Gravett book off the new shelf at the library this week. Three little pigs have captured a wild wolf. They put the wolf in their circus and force him to do all sorts of things. All the while they confidently shout their accomplishments:

I can stand him on a stool!
I can dress him in a bow..
I can ride him like a horse but


The chorus of Wolf Won’t Bite is repeated every few pages, making this a great book for kids to join in and read along. In the end, as you can imagine, the pigs get their comeuppance and wolf does indeed bite. (No worries for sensitive readers, no pigs are harmed in the making of this book.) Wolf Won’t Bite is eligible for this year’s Cybils, but not nominated yet as far as I can tell. You know, just in case someone is looking for a book to nominate. 

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