Non-Fiction Monday: How the Dinosaur Got to the Museum

This is the story of the discovery of a Diplodocus fossil skeleton in Utah and its journey to the Smithsonian National Musuem of Natural History. It’s full of a lot of information on all the steps involved in finally getting the skeleton on display at the musuem. Many children’s books cover the discovery aspect but this one is unusual in that it also shows the work of excavators, movers, welders, riggers, the exhibits team, the curator and even the night watchman. There are bonus pages at the end with more details on dinosaurs and fossils in general and on the specific paleontologists involved in this particular discovery.

This one was right at the perfect level for David, a 1st grader. There was a little too much text for the 3 year old. John read it on its own and pronounced it “ok”. He thought there was too much repetition (it’s told in a “this is the house that Jack built” style). He was also one of those dinosaur obsessed preschoolers so has read a lot of books about dinosaurs and probably knew most of the details in this book already.  But he did listen again when I read it out loud to David. It was also a great non-fiction book for David, who is usually more of a fiction kind of guy. The repetition worked well for him and the illustrations make it more accessible than a “just the facts” kind of book. This morning he looked through it again on his own because he liked it so much.

Definitely recommended, especially for the K-2nd grade crowd and for those kids who may not gravitate as much to non-fiction normally.

Non-Fiction Monday is hosted this week by Shelf-Employed.

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