A Good Week

David and I worked on basic math facts this week. He knew these last year but forgot them somewhat over the summer. He can add and subtract but it would be better for him if he had the facts memorized when we get to problems with more digits. I made the games in the picture for John several years ago and we’ve gotten good use from them. Both are from Peggy Kaye’s Games for Math. David is also doing great with reading. In the picture we’re playing a game reviewing all the different combinations that make the long u sound. He’s cruising through the Ordinary Parents Guide to Teaching Reading and this week we started reading a Magic Treehouse book together. I read a page and then he reads a page. I have to help him with a lot of the words on his page but he LOVES the idea of reading a real chapter book together. It’s motivating him to do extra reading practice.

One day this week I let Ruth play a bit on Starfall for a few minutes. So we can add “basic mouse skills” to her preschool achievements. We talked about C this week and read a lot of books on cats (and cookies, cakes, cows and cars). We got out the paints for her to do car painting, which is using the wheels of a matchbox car to paint. Then she had a car wash. The boys wanted to do it too, of course. John was surprisingly into it, entitling his painting “Country Road in Fall”.

Overall it was a good week in school. We’re using the Trailguide to U.S. Geography this year. Both boys are really loving it. After the first week I was worried it was too much writing and a little abstract for a first grader but David says it’s one of his favorite subjects. John and I continue to work through Story of the World Volume 4. This week we read about Queen Victoria. I had him read short biographies on Charles Dickens and Florence Nightingale as well and we read from Marcia Williams’s Dickens and Friends together. An overall goal for John this year is to write more, something he does not enjoy and I haven’t pushed much. I made up some simple notebooking pages to start working on that goal. What else? Decimals. Some challenging Singapore word problems that H. and I both also found challenging. We finished reading Alice in Wonderland together and discussing it. We watched Abbott and Costello’s classic Who’s on First? sketch after reading a reference to it in Grammar Town. Everyone did French and Art with H. on one of my days at work. Not everything got done. Science never happened, and not very much Latin got done. But it was still a good week.

This collage could be entitled  “Why Science and Latin Didn’t Get Done”. Piano for both boys. Baseball for John. David has started gymnastics and it’s a great fit for him. He spends much of he day standing on his head at random times, including in the middle of dinner. We made cookies on Friday for C week. All three kids made a giant tent house in the basement. My favorite part was that they included a “library”. John is reading in the library in the picture above. What does Ruth do all day? Many things. Right now she likes to play at the coffee table in our main room where we are usually doing school. She has a collection of small toys: ponies and princesses and cars and trains. This week she often was found making a “castle” for the princesses out of her birthday cards and various pieces of jewelry.

There was more, of course. Co-op classes and friends. Playing outside. Riding bikes. A lot more books.

All in all, a good week. How about you?

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